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Benefits of Choosing Open Adoption

Open adoption occurs when the identities of biological parents, and adoptive parents are not secret.By this, the two families are allowed to interact, visit one another, and communicate in all ways.As a result of this, there are several advantages that the adopted child gets to enjoy.The advantages below indicate why open adoption is the best method of child adoption.

Biological parents can have a sense of control over who adopts their child.This is because, it is the role of birth parents to choose their preferred adoptive parents.This makes the birth parents feel secure and confident that their child is on safe hands.Since there is regular communication and constant visits between the two families, the birth parents are assured of their child well-being.It is easy and fast for birth parents to discover any changes in behavior from their child as a result of regular visits.Because of regular communication between birth parents and their child, a strong relationship is established between the two.The relationship between the child and his adoptive family nourishes as well and the adoptive family may become part of the child’s extended family.Open adoption also saves birth parents the shame and guilty that could result from the adoption exercise.This is as a result of constant engagements between both families concerning the adopted child.

Constant communication as a result of open adoption gives the adoptive parents confidence before the child is born, because they are not sure about the birth parents’ intentions.The necessity of producing medical documents during adoption is eliminated, and medical information can be accessed at any time.Adoptive family creates an everlasting relationship with the birth families, making them part of their extended family.The adoptive family gets a sense of encouragement, and pride knowing that they were entitled to raise the child for the other family.

Biological parents will be flexible to do other important things, and visit their child whenever they find time.As a result of this, the birth parents will be flexible to do their jobs, while maintaining constant communication with the adoptive family.Open adoption will also help the child to identify himself with a specific family.This is because, he can easily learn about his family tree and trace his roots, which will boost his confidence.The child will also stop feeling abandoned, a feeling that may lower his self-esteem to a great deal.This is because, during the process of communication between the two families, the adopted child can ask for reasons why he had to be adopted. Since the adopted child will be knowing his birth parents, he will stop looking for his parents again.

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