Finding High-Paying Ag Focused Jobs Through a Recruitment Agency

Not everyone can own a farm, and even people who enjoy working in agriculture may not want this enormous responsibility. Another option for these individuals is to work in Ag focused jobs, some of which pay remarkably well. Some of those high-paying positions require a bachelor of science or a master’s degree, but many do not.

Previous Experience

Qualified applicants typically must have invested plenty of time in training and learning at a working farm, although there are exceptions. Being able to understand and converse in both English and Spanish is a definite plus, no matter where the business is located.

A Variety of Opportunities

Some jobs available through a recruiting agency such as Hansen Agri-Placement involve being outside and in barns much of the time, working directly with the animals and crew members. Farm assistants, dairy managers, crew leaders and ranch managers are examples. There are jobs for mechanics and equipment operators.

Other positions are in the office or on the road, such as sales representatives and purchasing agents. Research scientists in areas like crop protection work on finding solutions to problems; they may have job duties both indoors and outdoors.

Some positions will appeal to individuals who had not previously considered working in agriculture. Some agricultural enterprises employ full-time accountants, for example.

A Broad Range of Skills

As might be expected by someone who has worked on a farm, some of the jobs list a broad range of skills that the employers prefer. A farm or ranch assistant might need experience working with cattle while also having welding skills and the ability to maintain repair machinery, including irrigation equipment. Along with these job duties, the assistant might be expected to do general labor that includes tidying up the place when other work has been completed.

Job Locations

This type of agency has clients throughout the United States and Canada. This allows job seekers to pursue their dream of moving to a specific state or region, or to find an excellent opportunity close to home. From New Hampshire to Georgia to central California to eastern Washington, qualified candidates have a wide array of possibilities.