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Ways to Use When Training Your Intuition.

We use five common senses as we have been trained. See, hear, smell, taste, and touch are the senses. The blind people use the instincts to discover a tree that is in front of them. Connection of frequency energy is how the instincts work. Most kids know how to channel the energy and see something that adults don’t figure it out. However if an adult cannot perceive what is going on, they usually shut down the children by harsh words that there is nothing to be seen. Hence children are forced to kill their perceived power, and after some time they do forget.

You should be able to know your perception. It is like a conscience which tells you on what to and not to do. To some people there are pictures which flow like a vision. To others it is a soft voice through their mind. While to others there is a physical experience. For example, someone may experience a fear all of a sudden through a sharp wind blow when they are walking in a forest, and there is danger around them.

Meditating is the next thing you should teach your mind. After you meditate the frequency rises. Energy is recognized when vibration rises. Since you had as a kid you only need to remember how to go about it, and you are good to go. To bring out who you are then you should use meditation. The effects will be seen after meditating regularly.
You should then learn to listen carefully, and let it flow through your blood streams by feeling it. People meet others always have a specific feeling they feel about others. You might feel attracted to some people while others repel you away. You should be able to pay attention on your feelings about them. Their looks and sounds should not bother you. Sometimes later the bad feeling about them will show their characters.

Before you communicate you should feel those words. You train yourself how to speak by first feeling what you want to say. You should not let words that you know they can hurt a person from your mouth. You should have a conversation in your mind about a conversation you had with another somebody always. By doing this, it enhances you to know the mistakes you made thus, next time you will never do the same.

The dreams you encounter always have a message for you since the frequency is channeled to the mind. The vibrations raises the energy through channeling them, hence you are able to understand your dream.
Whenever, there is something happens nearby,then you should put it into consideration. The results of following those steps will be a strong intuition.

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