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Reasons Why Modular Homes Are Better Than Site Built Homes

Modular homes are constructed off-site in a warehouse. This is then followed by transportation of the finished material to the site where it is assembled by a builder to a complete form. It, therefore, means that it’s a house built off-site as opposed to onsite. These types of homes have advantages over onsite buildings as discussed below.

It is the state of the art type of home building. Houses for a long time have been constructed using the outdated methods. For the past twenty years nevertheless, there has been a great improvement in the area of modular homes where they are constructing customized homes. There no longer is the use manual framing of a structure but rather the use of design to build the pieces in a warehouse. With the modular technology, it is now possible to customize homes, which are solid and take a reduced time to make delivery and quality products.

These types of homes are built on a short schedule and gives predictability during the process. Homes that are built at the site are affected in a bad way by rainfall. This, however, does not affect the modular process. The uncontrollable forces influence is greatly lowered in this case as in a day, the building process nears completion. On the other hand, the traditionally built houses are greatly influenced by factors such as rainfall, wind and snow affecting the construction materials and the workforce as well as delaying the completion. It however, takes a reduced period of about two weeks to complete assembling of the modular house in the factory which is not altered or influenced by such factors.

You can depend on the quality control. On site buildings rely on the supervisor’s ability to rectify mistakes made during the process of construction. Construction of modular homes in a warehouse is done by skillful workers who get supervised by the same managers all the time. There is continued quality control testing of the buildings by the managers throughout the process of building the homes. Besides that, there is regular inspection process of the building in the plant by another party. Beyond the plant inspections, there is field inspection of the modules to ensure proper connection to the foundation. Inspection by local officers only look for compliance with the area building code.

There is more strength in the modular homes. Modules are built as six-sided structures since they must be transported and placed by a crane to the foundation. this gives a structure which is stronger and more stable compared to the old platform style structure. That is why modular homes come with plumbing, electrical, cabinet and tile complete from the factory. The factory homes are of better standard compared to the site-built ones.
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