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How to Pick the Right Interpreter Management Software

In the language interpretation market nowadays, there are so many available solutions. But as you would expect, not all of them will be right for you. As soon as you’ve made your choice, it would be expensive, both in time and money, to switch platforms and begin from the top; hence, you should make it a point to choose right the first time around.

Here are helpful tips when choosing interpreter management software that fits your needs:


When buying an interpreter platform or any other type of business software, always ask the total costs up front. There are plenty out there that seem fairly priced at first, until they beat your budget after being fully integrated into your operations.


If you’re a health care provider or engaged in a business that handles people’s health information in any manner, choose an interpreter platform that is compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Note that HIPAA requires a documented data security policy, which your chosen vendor should have.

Degree of Customization

How fast can you make changes to the system if there’s something you want it to do? Will there be a cost, and if so, how much? How about the cost for getting a new report interface?


Extraordinary scheduling scenarios, appointment types, geography – these can be too much for a typical date-time-location data capture system. Go with a platform that can deep into your current and future needs.

Technical Support

Pick a vendor with a dedicated 24/7/365 support staff you can talk to on the phone or chat – not email – anytime you need help with the system.

Vendor Background

There are many new brilliant talents today, but if a company has been around for at least five years, you know they’re doing something great, or they wouldn’t have survived that long. And make sure to stick to a company whose main industry is language interpretation industry, instead of making an entire array of similar solutions for different industries, such as cleaning and plumbing.

Option to Cancel

If you’re not impressed with the software, you should be provided a means of recovering your data, and you should be informed beforehand about the process involved. Moreover, the contract period should be reasonable enough that wouldn’t feel trapped in it, or that canceling wouldn’t be that expensive.

Data Backup

Choose a provider with a reputation for reliable data backups, and one that will provide a security and technology rundown before you finalize the contract.

Licensing and Insurance

Lastly, pick a vendor with the right license and insurance coverage. You should know their DUNS number and state of incorporation, and of course, they should have a Federal Tax ID.

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