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How to design an effective trade booth Small companies enter the public eye, new products get announced and major players give projections. It is the trade booths that give the first impression for a business or company. Most people who visit trade booths remember it even more than they remember the products announced or presented. With so much riding on how your trades show display, you have to look at it seriously. There are a handful of questions you have to ask when designing your booth. These relate to the size of the show, booths you have done in the past, what your competitors’ booths look like, and what you are planning on showing to the attendees. Let’s take a look at each of these to help you get the most out of your booth. Size Your Booth For Your Trade Show Trade shows come in various sizes and shapes, and so should the booths. Large shows like the Consumer Electronics Show call for large booths. The booths in these shows are always big and consume multimillion dollars and the booths themselves become an attraction.
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However, not all shows require large booths. If the exhibitions are not worth millions of dollars, then the booth should also not be that large. The booth should however be large enough to catch potential customer’s eye. So how large should you make it? The other thing to consider is the display so as to determine the size of the booth.
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Comparing your booth with that of your competitor. Two points to consider here include looking at what your competitor are doing and what you have done in the past. By looking at what your company has put out before, you can try and keep any established themes. It is important to note that brand retention is in terms of product development and displays. An attendee should be able to recognize your company’s brand without even thinking as this ensures that they can easily get in to ones booth to listen to the presentation. For competitiveness and relevance one has to look at their competitors booth. This also enables ones company not to be considered to be behind time. The cometitors past booths also helps one to be able to anticipate what they may bringing next. Don’t imitate their designs, but keep them in mind, and make something with a similar feel. If you look around and see that everyone is doing open air display, do the same too. Highlighting products in our booths The simplest idea for the design is to remember your product. It is a very big crime when a company builds a brand that does not highlight its products. Building a booth full of sounds and light unrelated to your products gives one poor industry rating.