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Examples of Wacky and Weird Insurance Claims

Insurance is truly God sent.Insurance is god sent since it has protected people from accidents like phones falling in toilets, fire, and burglary among many others.Other than full indemnity from accidents, insurance gives people peace of mind in the event that these accidents occur.

Because of the stipulation of the law that all citizens ought to be insured, some people take insurance covers.While other humans may take insurance covers over their valuables since it is in their nature to be cautious about mitigating risks.Furthermore, other people may cash in on their sufferings and pain.

In addition to this weird insurance claims, there are many more that are being filed across the world.The following is a list of some of the most noteworthy insurance claims people are applying for.

If you have an amazing body, you can take an insurance cover over it.If you want to maintain your fame, why not take insurance cover for that thing that will bring you this fame.For instance, Crooner Tom Jones took an insurance cover for his chest hair and manly body.

Another valuable asset that celebrities are cashing in one is buttocks.One present-day celebrity that has done this is Jennifer Lopez.Perhaps the reason why she has created the household phrase ‘baby got back’ in her career.

Legs are another weird parts that celebrities are taking insurance claims for.A superstar like Heidi Klum has taken insurance policies over her legs.
Another type of insurance policy on high demand today is that of multiple births.Some people believe that the invitro fertilization under the multiple birth insurance policy will surely make you parents of multiple births.

If you return from Mars and want to free yourself from any financial troubles after getting back on earth, insurance policy is the solution.Some of these insurance covers for such situations include alien abduction insurance or the private flood insurance. It is incredible to note that you can cash in any settlement that goes in the wrong direction.Weird as it may seem, a lawyer in North Carolina insured his cigars against storm damage, flooding, and fire.

Another weird insurance is a claim over your smartphone if it gets damaged when taking care of your herd.One farmer in the U.K recovered his smartphone that had disappeared in one stormy night when taking care of his livestock.

It is weird that one can take an insurance claim over coconuts.This is because they are considered deadly can kill roughly 150 people yearly when they fall from the tree. Our homepage has a lot of info. about insurance policies.

Weird as it may seem, a burglar can take an insurance claim over mental anguish when their plans fail and get stuck till the homeowner gets back to free them.Incredible as it may seem, one million dollars was awarded to such a burglar.Finally, you can insure your teeth.This happened when one man filed an insurance claim when his false teeth fell out when vomiting.